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Thank you for visiting my campaign website.

      My name is Virgil Green and I am running for the office of Sheriff for Oklahoma County. I have over 23 years of law enforcement experience, that includes 19 years as a Chief of Police. I posses a proven track record of Managing Personnel and Operations, Developing Policies, Budget Planning, Designing Programs, Leadership, and Community Outreach. My law enforcement career has giving me the skills and the ability to seek this elected position.  

     The Sheriff is an elected official, elected by the citizens, to be the leader of the law enforcement agency that protects every citizen of Oklahoma County. As your next sheriff I will be committed to moving the sheriff department into the 21st Century of policing. In doing so I will be committed to following the 21st Century Community Policing model that was established under former President Barack Obama Administration those six Pillars are.  Building Trust and Legitimacy, Policy and Oversight, Technology and Social Media, Community Policing and Crime Reduction, Training and Education and Officer Wellness and Safety.

       I look forward to leading the men and women of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department into a new era of law enforcement service, deserving of the fine citizens of Oklahoma County. Your safety, and the safety of our children, is my top priority. This journey will not be possible without your help, your vote and support.

Sincerely, Virgil Green